Information for visiting yachts

Information for visiting yachts

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This Cowes weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget For latest Cowes weather and Solent tides information, please visit the detailed weather and tide charts at Cowes Harbour Commission
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Live Tide height in
Cowes Harbour
at 23:36 30/03/2017

2.63m  |   8' 8"

To be used with caution, refer to the
harbour tide boards for safe navigation.
Cowes Harbour Commission accepts no responsibility for inaccurate data.

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LIVE AIS SHIP TRACKING in Cowes and the Solent area.


Information for visiting yachts

Public Landings & Slipways:

West Cowes:

Whitegates pontoon, 500m south of the Cowes Chain Ferry on the west bank of the River Medina is connected to the shore and is suitable for tenders only.

Thetis Slip, between Thetis Wharf and Shepards Wharf Marina. Suitable for small vessels and not at Low Water, due to the short slipway.

Town Quay, on pontoons alongside the Red Jet terminal provides instant access to the High Street and associated amenities. For vessels under 7m.

Sun Slip, adjacent to HSBC Bank, but is not easily accessible.

There is a similar slipway adjacent to The Waterside pub at the foot of Market Hill.

Watch House Slip, at the end of Watch House Lane at the south end of The Parade.

East Cowes:

The Folly, further up the River Medina, towards Newport. Be aware of possible strong tides when landing.

The White Hart, immediately south of the Red Funnel terminal. Use with caution during ebb tides and when ferries are manoeuvring.

Bells Landing, north of Venture Quays on the Esplanade, East Cowes. This landing is tidal.

Gridiron, immediately north of the Chain Ferry. Landing only; no mooring.

East Cowes Esplanade. A number of public slipways suitable for launching small craft at or around High Water.

Getting Ashore by Tender or Water Taxi

The most common landing place is Town Quay for West Cowes and Gridiron for East Cowes, however other locations can be used.

All harbour areas - Cowes Harbour Taxi

VHF Ch 77. Tel: 07855 767918 - Summer only

All harbour areas - Sally Water Taxi

VHF Ch 6. Tel: 07831 331717 - All year

Cowes to Folly Inn - Folly Waterbus

VHF Ch 77. Tel: 07974 864627

Folly Reach Moorings to Folly Inn - Folly Launch

VHF Ch 72. Tel: 07884 400046

Island Harbour to Cowes or Newport - Island Harbour Ferry

VHF Ch 8. Tel: 07825 016943 or 07964 075621

Fresh Water

Fresh water is available from all marinas, Trinity Landing, and Town Quay.


Marinas provide facilities for garbage originating from the boats using their berths. Boats moored in the River Medina or at anchor should retain garbage on board until berthed alongside, or take it ashore to facilities situated adjacent to public landings.

Using the river to dispose of rubbish of any kind is illegal.

Fuel & Gas:

Cowes Harbour Fuels, open seven days a week, is the main facility in Cowes Harbour providing easy access and competitively priced fuel. It is situated on the River Medina, 200m south of the Chain Ferry underneath the large hammerhead crane. Tel: 01983 200716. VHF Ch 69.

Lallow's Boatyard, 50m south of the Yacht Haven. Tel: 01983 292112.

Scrubbing Berths:

Town Quay adjacent to the Harbour Office. Suitable for vessels up to 10.6m LOA and 2m draft at spring tides and 1.0m draft at neap tides.

Folly Inn scrubbing berth capable of taking vessels up to 10.6m LOA and 1.83m draft at spring tides. Bookings by application to the Folly Harbour Office on Tel: 07884 400046.

Medical Help

If you are afloat and have a medical emergency call Solent Coastguard on VHF Ch 16/67. The designated medical emergency landing site is Trinity Landing, off Cowes Parade.

Cowes has a Medical Centre at 200 Newport Road, PO31 7ER. It is open Monday - Friday from 0800 to 1800 with late opening until 2000 on Mondays and Wednesdays. For appointments Tel: 01983 295251.

A&E service is at St Mary's Hospital, Parkhurst Road, Newport, PO30 5TG.

The Beacon Health Centre at St Mary's Hospital, Newport provides a seven day a week `Walk In' service from 0800 to 2000 daily, where a GP is available for most minor illnesses or health problems.

East Cowes Medical Centre is next to Waitrose, in Church Path, East Cowes, PO32 6RP. It is open Monday - Friday from 0830 to 1830 with late opening to 2000 on Mondays. For appointments Tel: 01983 284333.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited without the written permission of the Harbour Master (General Direction 4.4):

  • Towing of persons within the Inner Harbour and Outer Fairway.
  • Kite surfing within the Inner Harbour and Outer Fairway with the exception of the Shrape Watersports Area.
  • Wind surfing and paddle boarding within the Outer Fairway and Inner Fairway north of No. 8 fairway buoy without the written
  • permission of the Harbour Master
  • Spearfishing within the Inner Harbour.
  • Navigation of hovercraft within the Harbour.
  • Swimming within the fairways and in any areas around or from mooring or berthing facilities.
  • Jumping or diving into the water from any structure, pile, pontoon, jetty, pier or buoy within the Harbour.
A person who fails to comply with a General Direction or Special Direction shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of up to £2,500.



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