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Weather information

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This Cowes weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget For latest Cowes weather and Solent tides information, please visit the detailed weather and tide charts at Cowes Harbour Commission
Live Cowes Tides

Live Tide height in
Cowes Harbour
at 23:36 30/03/2017

2.63m  |   8' 8"

To be used with caution, refer to the
harbour tide boards for safe navigation.
Cowes Harbour Commission accepts no responsibility for inaccurate data.

Monthly tide tables
Historical tide data
Information Area

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LIVE AIS SHIP TRACKING in Cowes and the Solent area.


Weather information

In the UK, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is responsible for the provision of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) to ships at sea, which includes both weather information and navigational warnings.

Solent Coastguard

A full Maritime Safety Information service is available on NAVTEX (518 and 490 kHz).

Solent & Portland Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) broadcasts on: Channels VHF 23, VHF 84, and VHF 86.

MSI is broadcast in local time such that the 'clock time' that the broadcasts will be received at will remain the same throughout the year:

0130 - B          0430 - C          0730 - A          1030 - C

1330 - B          1630 - C          1930 - A          2230 - C

Routine A - Full Maritime Safety Information broadcast, including new inshore forecast and outlook, gale warnings, shipping forecast, navigation warnings (WZ), SUBFACTS and GUNFACTS where appropriate, three day fisherman's forecast when and where appropriate.

Routine B - New inshore forecast plus previous outlook, gale warnings.

Routine C - Repetition of inshore forecast and gale warnings as per previous Routine A or B broadcast plus new strong wind warning (SWW).

BBC Shipping Forecast (Local sea area - Wight)

Weather bulletins for shipping are broadcast daily on BBC Radio 4 at the following times:

0048, 0520, 1201 and 1754 local time (LW 198 kHz)
0048 and 0529 (FM 92-95)

The bulletin includes an inshore waters forecast at 0048 and 0520..

The latest weather reports and forecasts for shipping can also be seen on the BBC website.

Weather information is also available from marinas, harbour offices, Radio Solent, Isle of Wight Radio and the Bramblemet weather station.

Radio Solent

DAB radio, FM 96.1 and FM 103.8

Isle of Wight Radio

FM 107 & FM 102


An online weather information system, recording weather conditions in the Central Solent, both in real-time and historically.

Tide Tables

View monthly Cowes tide tables.

A tide gauge and five day weather forecast is available on the homepage at

Top photo: Peter Mumford - Beken of Cowes.



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