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LNTM - 11/02/21

Local Notice To Mariners No. 06 of 2021

Risk Assessment of Recreational Events

Risk Assessment of Recreational Events
11 February 2021

(This notice replaces Local Notice to Mariners 02 of 2018 which is hereby cancelled)

Notice is hereby given of the requirement upon recreational event organisers to submit risk assessments for recreational events.

This notice is issued in association with Queen’s Harbour Master (Portsmouth), ABP Southampton and the Harbour Masters of Portsmouth Commercial Port and Langstone. It is intended to give advice to event organisers on the requirement and scope of risk assessment and risk management in line with the principles of the Port Marine Safety Code.

This notice is to be read in conjunction with the document entitled – A Guide to Good Practice on Port Marine Operations (Section 8.11.8 Management of Navigation – Event Planning), issued by the Department for Transport. This document is available via: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-guide-to-good-practice-on-port-marine-operations

Your attention is also drawn to the advice issued by the Royal Yachting Association (www.rya.org.uk) on the preparation of risk assessments.

The risk assessment and the safety management of a particular event will be the responsibility of the event organiser.

Cowes Harbour Commission defines an “event” as any vessel/s, craft or person/s participating in an organised gathering and/or scheduled activity that may affect the safety of navigation or impact directly on any other waterway users within the jurisdiction of the Harbour Authority.

All Event Organisers are requested to consult with the relevant Harbour Authority at the earliest opportunity prior to any event-taking place. For most types of events a formal risk assessment will be required. The contents of this risk assessment will need to be proportional to the event / activity.

The event risk assessment should identify all risks concerned with the safe and efficient use of the harbour by all harbour users. Details of how the risk is to be controlled will be part of this assessment.

The formal risk assessment should be submitted not less than 28 days prior to the planned event to enable the Harbour Authority to comment and consult on this risk assessment. When the Harbour Authority is satisfied that all risks to harbour safety and port users have been effectively mitigated, formal acceptance of the risk assessment and authorisation for the event to proceed will be given.

Any requirement for the Harbour Authority to provide additional resources by the way of escort craft, navigation marks or promulgation of an Event Notice to Mariners will normally be at the expense of the event organiser.

This Local Notice to Mariners shall remain in force until further notice

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