2.41 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

LNTM - 06/06/24


Extended Yacht Rafting in Cowes Harbour: Friday 14 June to Sunday 03 August 2024

Notice is hereby given that over the period from Friday 14 June to Sunday 03 August 2024, Cowes Harbour may experience exceptionally high levels of sailing yacht visitors due to various major events.

To accommodate these visiting yachts, extended rafting of yachts is necessary at Cowes Yacht Haven, Shepards Marina, Whitegates E Pontoon, East Cowes Marina and Folly Visitors pontoon. See figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 below.

Figure 1 – Cowes Yacht Haven and Shepards Marina

Figure 2 – Whitegates E Pontoon

Figure 3 – East Cowes Marina

Figure 4 – Folly Visitor pontoons

The rafts may extend up to approximately 20 metres from marina pontoons and Cowes Yacht Haven wall. This is close to the main Inner Fairway channel, that is dredged to a minimum depth of 3.0 metres below chart datum.

All vessels are advised to navigate with particular caution when passing these extended rafts and are reminded not to exceed the speed limit of 6 knots through the water and not to cause wash, as described in the Cowes Harbour General Directions.

Events include but not limited to:

  • Round the Island Race – 15 June
  • Cowes Classics Week – 08 July to 12 July
  • Cowes Week – 27 July to 02 August

This local notice to mariners will self-cancel at 2359 on 04 August 2024.

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