4.10 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

LNTM - 19/08/22

Local Notice To Mariners No. 54(T) of 2022

Construction Works at Venture Quays

Construction Works at Venture Quays
19 August 2022

(This Local Notice to Mariners supersedes Local Notice to Mariners No. 12(T) of 2022)

Notice is hereby given that construction work will be taking place in Cowes Harbour from today for approximately 4 weeks.

A floating platform will be utilized as part of the construction work, and will be operating in the area marked in Figure 1.

                                                                               Figure 1 -Venture Quays construction works area

All mariners are advised to navigate in the vicinity of Venture Quays with extreme caution and are requested to keep speed and wash to a minimum whilst passing the area of construction works. All mariners are also advised to keep a good lookout whilst in the vicinity of Venture Quays.

The floating pontoon will be keeping a listening watch on VHF Ch69 at all times.

This local notice to mariners will remain in force until further notice.

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