3.99 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

LNTM - 03/01/23

Local Notice To Mariners No. 08 of 2023

Passenger Carrying Pleasure Vessels and Vessels Operating Within the Port

Passenger Carrying Pleasure Vessels and Vessels Operating Within the Port
03 January 2023

(This is a reissue of Notice 05 of 2016, which is hereby cancelled)

As a result of the report concerning a collision between vessels on the River Thames by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch the Secretary of State made certain recommendations in the interests of safety. The recommendations below apply to all vessels navigating within the area of Cowes Harbour:

• In all vessels of more than 40 metres in length overall with wheelhouse aft, a lookout shall be stationed forward at all times. The lookout should have direct telephone or VHF radio communications with the wheelhouse at all times.

• Masters of all vessels and craft are reminded of the vital need to maintain a proper lookout at all times including astern when navigating within the harbour.

• All vessels so fitted are strongly advised to maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 69, Cowes Harbour Working Channel, and listen to traffic reports and associated radio reports concerning movement of vessels within the harbour.

• All passenger carrying vessels operating out of Cowes Harbour shall record the number of passengers embarked and such record is to be submitted to the ship’s agent, Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) or the vessel’s representative before departing.

• Certain passenger vessels are exempt from these requirements.

Cowes Harbour Commission makes further recommendations that the Masters of all vessels must ensure that unnecessary deck lights and decorative lights are extinguished in order that the vision by the Master and crew is not impaired. It is also necessary that the noise levels from discos and similar live music within passenger accommodation are reduced to such an extent that the Master or crew are not distracted from maintaining a proper ‘lookout’ by hearing as well as sight.

This local notice to mariners will remain in force until further notice.

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