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News - 30/09/16

1st Class Covers joins onsite businesses at KMS

1st Class Covers - marine covers1st Class Covers, who specialise in marine, automotive, domestic and commercial upholstery and cover work, have recently moved into Unit 8 in the main workshop at Kingston Marine Services. 

Owner Billy White started out as a young apprentice on the Isle of Wight, progressing to sailmaking at 18 years old, and has worked from a number of bases along the south coast, but has always found Cowes and East Cowes the best place for his preferred type of work – cover making and upholstery. 

Five years ago Billy started his own family run business from home, working to build a reputation and client base. The business has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and so the move to a dedicated workshop at Kingston Wharf a few months ago made perfect sense.

1st Class Covers - car upholstery1st Class Covers – marine – automotive – domestic – commercial

Marine: Internal and external upholstery. Internal head and side lining replacements. Winter and cockpit covers. Spray hoods and boom covers. Pit and tail bags. Custom fenders. Winter wash and service to all existing cover work.

Automotive: Complete car interior changes. Seat repairs. Convertible roofs supplied and fitted. Convertible roof repairs. Head lining replaced. Motorbike seats recovered. Motorbike protection covers.

Domestic and commercial upholstery: Sofa and dinning chairs re-upholstered. Sofa repairs.

Miscellaneous: All types of custom bags and covers.

Find out more about 1st Class Covers by calling Billy on 07944 241482, email billy.1stclasscovers@hotmail.co.uk or visit facebook.com/1stclasscovers.