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News - 31/07/18

Classic Boat Museum opens its doors

We are pleased to hear that once again the Classic Boat Museum’s yachts, motor and lifeboats are now open to view by the public in Cowes. Over 50 yachts and boats have a new home in Cowes in one of the historic boat sheds under the Hammerhead Crane. 

The shed required extensive work to ensure it was watertight and safe for the public, but the first stage is now complete and the Museum is ready for the public. 

Opening on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1000 to 1600 the Classic Boat Museum provides visitors with a voyage of discovery mapping out the history of the Isle of Wight and Cowes through its marine heritage. On display are Isle of Wight lifeboats, racing yachts, motor yachts and flying boats, including the 2017 America’s Cup test catamaran sailed by Ben Ainslee. 

Photo: Classic Boat Museum © Hamo Thornycroft