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News - 22/08/16

Works Licence Application – Cowes Sea Cadets

The floating river pontoon adjacent to the headquarters of the Cowes Sea Cadet Unit, TS Osborne, previously operated by the Island Youth Water Activities Centre (IWAC), has been passed to the Sea Cadets, following the closure of IWAC. 

The Cowes Sea Cadets plan to remove this isolated river pontoon, and to extend its shore pontoon, with two new piled units, so as to provide enhanced water access for its students. The extension will consist of two additional 12 metre lengths of pontoon. 

The first photograph in the link below, shows the current location of the floating pontoon, and the second picture, shows the removal of this pontoon and the extension of the current shore based pontoon/jetty. 

This new position, which will have no adverse impact on other river users, is within the existing boundary of the licence agreement between the Cowes Sea Cadets and the Crown Estates Commissioners, detailed in the attached plan, Appendix A.

Any comments on the above application should be passed in writing to the Harbour Master by Monday, 19th September 2016.

Cowes Sea Cadets – Full Application with diagrams and photographs