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Main Harbour Moorings

Main Harbour Moorings

The licence period for main harbour swinging moorings is 12 months for cruiser class and seven months for day class vessels; a mooring strop is required. Cruiser class vessels wishing to remain afloat during the winter months may be accommodated on an alternative, more sheltered mooring upriver. There is no additional charge to annual licence holders for the use of these alternative moorings.

Main Harbour Swinging Moorings (Day Class)
These seasonal moorings are intended for day boats such as X One Designs, Darings, Sonars, etc. whose usage is primarily during the racing season. If you require additional days before or after the licence dates, please contact Shepards Marina. These additional days will be charged at the prevailing rates. Mooring strop required.

N Row Swinging Moorings
There are a small number of moorings suitable for RIBs and other small vessels and should only be utilised between 1 April to 31 October. They are located between the Island Sailing Club and Town Quay. Please note, some of these moorings dry out. N Row moorings do not require a mooring strop.