2.15 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

Personal Watercraft

Like all other vessels, Personal Watercraft (PWs) are expected to be navigated with due regard to safety and with respect and consideration for other users of the harbour.

In particular, PWs are required to observe the speed limit of 6 knots through the water including in the Shrape Watersports Area, and when within 100 metres of the shore (General Direction 3.2). Furthermore, they must not enter the small craft mooring areas, and they must keep to the Inner Fairway or Eastern Channel when within the Inner Harbour.

There are public slipways for launching PWs in both Cowes and East Cowes. Short-term berthing facilities for PWs are available at Cowes Town Quay, or at marinas by arrangement. Fuel is available at the Cowes Harbour Services Fuel Berth.

Cowes Harbour Commission suggests PW operators undertake appropriate training before using their craft. Always wear appropriate clothing (wetsuits or dry suits) and a Personal Floatation Device. Always use the kill cord and ensure you hold third-party insurance for your craft.