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News - 31/05/24

2023 Annual Report

As a Trust Port the Cowes Harbour Commission has for many years held an annual public meeting where information has been shared with our stakeholders about the performance of the organisation during the previous financial year.

During recent years, attendance at the public meeting has been very low (fewer than 10 people). As a harbour commission, we understand that attending a meeting is not always possible but we do think it is important to share with our stakeholders key information about the harbour and the progress we have made against the objectives we set out in our five year strategic plan.

In accordance with Ports Good Governance guidance, Trust Ports are required to engage effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, so for this year we have decided to produce a video rather than hold a public meeting for a very small number of people. We believe this will increase engagement with our stakeholders as it can be viewed at any time.

The video has been supplemented with a digital version of the annual report and an opportunity to ask questions.

You can find the video and the 2023 Annual Report on our website by clicking the link below. We hope you enjoy the video and welcome your feedback.

You can find the video on our website by clicking here. We hope you enjoy the video and welcome your feedback.