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News - 06/04/17

Amendments to Cowes Harbour General Directions

The Cowes Harbour General Directions are local rules and harbour legislation that cover safety of navigation and other harbour management issues. CHC reviews the General Directions at the end of each year (most recently in December 2016) to see if any changes are required.

Based on feedback from stakeholders and to further improve safety, Cowes Harbour Commission proposes certain amendments to General Direction No. 3.17 ‘Navigation in Inner Harbour Small Craft Mooring Area’, and the addition of a new direction No. 3.17.1 ‘Sailing through Inner Harbour Small Craft Mooring Area’.

It is also proposed to transfer the ‘Local Notice to Mariners No. 14 of 2016 – VHF Radio Communications within Cowes Harbour’ into General Direction No. 3.19. 

A further new direction is proposed, No. 4.17 ‘Welding and hot works on commercial vessels berthed within Cowes Harbour’.

The proposed changes were presented to the Advisory Committee (CHAC) at their April 2017 meeting for stakeholder consultation, according to CHC’s Powers of General Directions under the Harbour Revision Order of 2012. Following discussion, the CHAC confirmed their support for the proposed changes. CHC has also notified designated consultees the Chamber of Shipping and the RYA, as is required for the introduction of any new General Direction.

Following completion of the statutory consultation process, CHC will implement the revised set of General Directions for the 2017 season.

Proposed Amendments to Cowes Harbour General Directions