3.16 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

News - 16/12/15

Changes to Harbour General Directions

Cowes Harbour Commission has completed a review of the current set of Cowes Harbour General Directions, taking into consideration the completion of the new Cowes Breakwater and the requirements of the revised Port Marine Safety Code issued in March 2015.

As a result, CHC recommends that consideration be given to the introduction of three new General Directions for 2016: 
– No 3.5 Restricted visibility; 
– No 3.6 VHF communications in Cowes Harbour; and 
– No 7.5 Landing on breakwaters.

Amendments are also proposed for Nos 3.7 and 5.18, references to byelaws will be removed (since all are now superseded by General Directions), and an updated diagram will show the new Cowes Breakwater and buoyage.

CHC has therefore notified our designated consultees, the Cowes Harbour Advisory Committee, Chamber of Shipping and the Royal Yachting Association. Following completion of the statutory consultation process, CHC plans to introduce the revised set of General Directions on 1st March 2016.