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News - 16/06/20

CHC publishes 2019-2020 Annual Report

In brief: Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) has published its Annual Report for 2019-2020. This report captures the key events and activities of 2019 measured against the objectives set out in CHC’s Strategic Plan for public record. 

Writing in his annual summary, Cowes Harbour Master Capt. Stuart McIntosh recognises the ongoing worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has clearly overshadowed many of the previous achievements and key issues that are included in CHC’s Annual Report for 2019/20.

Capt. McIntosh said: “CHC’s number one priority is safety, and this has guided CHC’s COVID-19 response and policies promoting a co-ordinated but cautious approach for Cowes Harbour. This cautious approach to protect the Isle of Wight must be balanced with the needs of the local and Island economy and employment, ensuring that Cowes Harbour remains cognisant of the position of other local harbours and competing destinations.

“The Cowes Harbour Advisory Committee continues to play an important role in providing a conduit for two-way communication and consultation with our various stakeholder groups. The pandemic crisis has shown again the value of this stakeholder organisation and I would like to record my appreciation for their continuing work, support, and vital role in considering, and asking constructive questions on, where appropriate, harbour issues or proposed harbour developments. I would also like to thank my CHC team for their work and understanding and for the support and work of the Commissioners.

“I am pleased to report a successful year for CHC in 2019 and this report will highlight some of those successes and key topics, but the year-end outturn for 2020 will show the very significant impact of this crisis on our financial results for this year. CHC’s management and financial prudence record has, however, enabled the Commission to be in a sound financial and operational position to weather this significant recession and dramatic downturn in our revenue, and resulting financial implications for 2020 and beyond. CHC is therefore looking to the future and starting to plan what changes are necessary both to our five-year Strategic Plan and also to our operations, capital investment, cashflow plans, and potential partnership projects. This planning work is essential to ensure that CHC continues to be in a good position to meet the challenges and also importantly, the opportunities ahead.”

* Read the Harbour Master’s full Annual Summary, which focuses on six topics that are the most relevant issues and achievements to highlight from the last 12 months and the key issues, challenges and opportunities for the harbour as we look forward.

* Read and download CHC’s complete Annual Report 2019-2020, or view the digital and interactive edition of the Report.