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News - 18/12/17

Christmas comes this time each year

Christmas comes this time each year, 
and all those Christmas songs, 
remind us of the cheer and fun, 
and where the heart belongs. 

Families nestled round the tree, 
with brightly coloured lights, 
please spare a thought for those at sea 
suffering long and lonely nights! 

A life on the ocean wave, 
whilst adventurous and amazing, 
can mean you miss festivities, 
passage home becomes a craving. 

Children ripping at the paper, 
their eyes are glowing bright, 
sailors can but dream of this 
as they look into the night. 

For many sailors reading this, 
I know you’ll understand, 
at Christmas time the biggest wish 
is feet upon dry land! 

Thoughts and prayers are with you all 
at this special time of year, 
fair winds fill your sails and take you 
to all those you hold dear. 

Written by JK/CHC
December 2017