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News - 27/10/17

Community projects for Cowes Harbour

Last month, Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) proposed a number of community-based projects that CHC could potentially help facilitate for the harbour and River Medina. After discussion and feedback from September’s Harbour Advisory Committee meeting, the focus will be on expanding opportunities for general access to the water and community engagement. 

We are looking for people across East and West Cowes, to contact us if they are interested in being involved in the ideas and exploration stage of the following: 

• Explore opportunities for increasing general access to the water, e.g. slipways, dinghy park. 

• Create more opportunities for younger people and local schools to use the river.

• East and West Cowes to jointly commission an installation artwork or develop the Cowes Breakwater into an iconic landmark for the mouth of the river and two towns of Cowes. 

Commissioner for Communications & Marketing, Ra Hennessy, said: “We are keen to work with both the East and West Cowes communities to encourage and facilitate various exciting local projects and we would really like to have your comments and suggestions.”

If you would like to input in any way to the above community projects, please do get in touch with CHC, and we will discuss all feedback received with the Advisory Committee at their next meeting and update harbour stakeholders in a forthcoming newsletter.