3.94 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

News - 13/07/22

Cowes Harbour Commission recent collection for out of date flares a success

Supporting the government-led Maritime Safety Week, Cowes Harbour Commission provided a central collection point for out-of-date distress flares to be handed in at Shepards Marina over a weeklong period. The facility was limited to Isle of Wight residents only but despite this, almost 700 flares were collected. The number handed in was down on the 2,100 collected in 2021 but the Harbour Commission is pleased that over 3,000 flares have now been disposed of in a safe manner.

The service was provided as a Stakeholder Benefit by the Harbour Commission, so it was free of charge up to a limit of four flares per person.  More than four could be handed in but additional items were charged for to cover the cost of the disposal.