4.17 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

News - 04/11/15

Cowes RNLI shout to sunken trawler on River Medina

Cowes Harbour Commission patrol launches can often be found working with the Cowes RNLI lifeboat when incidents occur around the harbour or on the River Medina. The following report has just been issued by Cowes RNLI:

Fears that someone was trapped aboard a sunken ship lead to the hurried launching of Cowes RNLI lifeboat this morning (Wednesday, 4th November).

The ship, a 60 foot trawler converted into a houseboat, was spotted sunk beside J Pontoon in the River Medina, on the outskirts of Cowes. As both the lifeboat and the Cowes Harbour launch, HM1, raced to the scene they encountered a lot of floating debris from the vessel, including cans and buoys.

As the harbour launch began retrieving the items the lifeboat continued on to the trawler, which had only part of its wheelhouse well above water; still attached to the vessel was a black RIB.

Concerned that someone was trapped on board the trawler, the crew banged on the visible windows, but got no response. After noting that the starboard door was padlocked and then being informed that the ship’s tender was moored at East Cowes, the crew concluded that no-one was aboard after all.

The lifeboat, which was launched at 0714, returned to station at 0732. Newport coastguards also attended the scene. Later, to protect the river from any potential escaping oil, HM1 surrounded the vessel with a boom.

Photo: The sunken converted trawler beside the pontoon on the River Medina.