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News - 19/03/14

Disposal of out-of-date pyrotechnics

Disposal of out-of-date pyrotechnics (Marine Flares) MGN 419 M+F 

a) It is an offence to fire distress-signal pyrotechnics on land, in harbour or at sea for either testing purposes, practice or as fireworks (whether the pyrotechnics are out of date or not); 

b) It is an offence to dump pyrotechnics at sea; 

c) Out of date pyrotechnics should be landed ashore as soon as possible after the date of expiry for safe disposal; 

d) Do not place out of date pyrotechnics in the general rubbish, or abandon them at Coastguard, RNLI or Police stations.

Further information on the revised system for the disposal of out of date marine pyrotechnics and contact details for disposal sites can be found on either the MCA website or Directgov on the following links:

MCA flare disposal details

Direct gov flare disposal details

A copy of MGN 419 (M+F) is available at the foot of this article.

Flare Disposal Service at the start of AAM Cowes Week (2013)
Ramora UK, one of the UK’s leading Bomb Disposal companies, is repeating its distress flare disposal service for sailors taking part in this year’s Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.

The disposal of out-of-date flares is a growing problem for sailors who face severe penalties if they fail to follow the correct procedures. As has been the case for the last few years, Ramora UK is offering a safe, legal solution to the problem.

Out-of-date flares can be delivered to the Ramora UK disposal area at Town Quay (next to Cowes Harbour Commission offices) on Friday, 2nd August between 3pm and 8pm and on Saturday, 3rd August between 9am and 6pm providing the perfect opportunity for competitors to dispose of their out-of-date flares before they go racing.

Up to ten flares per person will be accepted at a nominal fee of £2 per flare, with a 50% discount applied to anyone holding a valid Competitor Card. Anyone wishing to dispose of more than ten flares can make arrangements to do so by contacting the Regatta Centre on 01983 295744. Disposal of quantities greater than ten will only be possible by prior agreement.

Ramora UK have helped to develop and implement official explosive related procedures which are now accepted as best practice throughout the industry. Ramora UK’s National Explosive Safety Scheme (NESS) improves awareness, offers advice, training and practical disposal services and equipment, which in turn improves safety, reduces risk and equips pyrotechnic users with the knowledge ad capability to deal with Miscellaneous Pyrotechnics (MPs) with minimum risk and allowing then to protect people and assets.

David Welch FCMI, MIExpE, MIABTI, Ramora UK’s Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted to participate at Cowes Week for the third year running. The collection and disposal of these potentially dangerous items is vitally important to public safety and should be dealt with by experts; we are proud to provide this compliant service to competitors and members of the public.”

Stuart Quarrie, CEO for regatta organisers Cowes Week Limited added: “Through working with Ramora over the last few years, over 500 out-of-dates have been safely and professionally disposed of. We’re delighted to be working with Ramora once again to offer this invaluable service to the Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week audience.”

• MGN 419 (M+F) – Disposal of Out of Date Pyrotechnics (Marine Flares)