3.66 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

News - 29/06/20

Hants Marine Unit Operation Wavebreaker

After a significant surge in reports of anti-social behaviour on the water in the last month, Hampshire Marine Support Unit have launched Operation Wavebreaker to address the issues and to start to look for some long-term solutions to this perennial problem. In addition to working with other Police Marine Units around the country to share ideas and practices, Hampshire Marine Unit are working closely with local harbour masters, maritime rescue agencies and community groups to quantify the issue and look at effective ways of modifying the current behaviours to ensure everyone can use the water in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Police Constable Mark Arnold from the Hampshire Marine Support Unit said: “Operation Wavebreaker is a county-wide initiative to target anti-social behaviour on the waters of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Working with our partners and the community we aim to tackle any issues involving all types of watercraft to ensure the marine community stay safe and abide by the laws on the water. The initiative will need help from the community, and we encourage any anti-social behaviour to be reported to the Police by calling 101.”

Operation Wavebreaker will address all types of anti-social behaviour on the water from small craft being used dangerously to groups of people swimming in prohibited areas causing a nuisance. If the lives of our marine community are being negatively affected by others acting in an anti-social or dangerous manner, the Hampshire Marine Unit want to know, and they will take positive action.