2.42 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

News - 11/11/19

Incident 11th November 2019

Cowes Harbour Commission confirms that an incident occurred in the Outer Fairway at approximately 12 noon today (Monday, 11th November 2019) involving a yacht coming into contact with the No. 2 red port-hand navigational buoy at the fairway entrance. The 40-foot yacht was damaged as a result and started taking on water.

Cowes Harbour Commission responded to a request for assistance from the Solent Coastguard following a Mayday call from the yacht. The Harbour Authority initiated emergency response procedures and the relevant authorities and organisations were advised.

The crew were safely taken off the vessel, and the yacht eventually sank off Gurnard, outside Cowes Harbour.

A Cowes Local Notice to Mariners has just been issued to alert boat users to the sunken vessel, which is now marked with a blue and yellow wreck marking buoy. See Cowes LNTM No. 35(T) of 2019.

Further information will be released as it becomes available.