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News - 30/06/14

Information on breakwater build for local residents

Cowes Harbour Commission is working with contractors Boskalis Westminster and project managers Atkins to reduce and mitigate the ambient noise in respect to the current stage of construction on the new Cowes breakwater and has released the following information: 

“The noise that is being reported is the ambient noise from the current breakwater construction phase of installing the drains, which are required to improve the soft seabed conditions under the breakwater footprint by allowing the water in the underlying seabed, to be forced out as the load of the breakwater compresses the seabed. The drains are installed using the red and white tower stitcher rig situated on the large flat top barge situated in the breakwater construction area with the “stitcher” pushing a probe and drain into the soft seabed. The probe, powered by hydraulic winches, produces a whirling type noise which can be heard in the harbour and adjacent areas in both Cowes and East Cowes. 

“This current operation, which is required and licenced to be carried throughout the day and night, is scheduled to be completed by the end of this week (5th July). The next phase of the operation, which will run up to the start of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week, is the laying of a geotextile membrane and this should not result in any significant noise issues and will be carried out only during daylight hours.

“Cowes Harbour Commissioners apologise for any disturbance that this necessary breakwater construction phase has caused but are grateful for the co-operation of local residents who, in general, when learning of the situation, have been very understanding and acknowledge the investment into this harbour project and long-term local economic benefits that should result.”

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