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News - 14/06/17

IWC announces passenger only service at low tide

The Isle of Wight Council has announced that it will offer a passenger only service across the River Medina during periods of low tide, for two hours immediately before low tide throughout June 2017, to ensure that a planned service is maintained while issues with the floating bridge (Chain Ferry) are managed.

The floating bridge will offer a full vehicle and passenger service at other times, as per the published timetable

The passenger only service timetable is published on the Council website and will operate during June 2017.

This is in addition to the free travel on the floating bridge until 2 July, announced by the Council on 13th June. 

• UPDATED 28TH JUNE 2017: Local Notice to Mariners No. 15(T) of 2017 has been issued: COWES CHAIN FERRY – Clearance Depths and Further Commissioning Works

• UPDATED 29TH JUNE 2017: The Isle of Wight Council has issued a press release – Floating bridge timetable update

UPDATED 18TH JULY 2017: IW Council reports Chain Ferry enters final commissioning stage