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News - 28/03/18

Key Notice – Safety of navigation within Cowes Harbour

Local Notice to Mariners No. 05 of 2018 highlights the basic safety guidance that everyone should be aware of, whether they are just visiting Cowes or a resident mooring holder. It covers some of the key General Directions (regulations) that apply to all vessels using the harbour, as well as safety information on the Cowes Breakwater, tidal flows in the harbour, and the safe use of the Small Craft Channel and Shrape Watersports Area. 

All harbour users are advised to regularly check the Cowes Local Notices to Mariners. CHC issues on average around 40 Notices per year. The Notices may contain information regarding construction or dredging works, major regattas, or relating to the safety of navigation. 

Please familiarise yourself with the current Local Notices to Mariners in force.

CHC operates a subscription facility whereby you can sign up to receive direct email notification of new Notices, keeping you up-to-speed with important navigational information and enabling you to use the harbour safely.

Subscribe to Cowes Notices on the CHC website.