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News - 17/10/14

Kingston Wharf explained

“As I walk around the whole of the 10-acre site here, including the Boatyard, storage and berthing for the Marine Services team as well as the building housing our thriving local businesses and the two commercial wharves, I ponder that surely we are too big to miss,” writes Manager Barney Sollars. “However, for those who are not familiar with Kingston Wharf – here is an explanation of who we are. 

“The site in East Cowes has been owned and operated by Cowes Harbour Commission since 2012; collectively, this is Kingston Wharf

“On the site, we, Cowes Harbour Commission, run two independent businesses, Kingston Boatyard which operates the 40 tonne hoist and will happily give you a paint, polish and much more whilst you are here and Kingston Marine Services who are our afloat division, operating in the small commercial field, taking on towage, moorings and buoy management, salvage and all manner of things on the river. 

“As landlords on the site we also have around a dozen independent businesses who rent space and they range from marine engineers to self storage units, yacht builders to bespoke joiners, all of whom are here every day, expanding the yard’s repertoire, and on top of this, we have good relationships with all trades in the area.

“What this adds up to is an incredibly diverse range of available skills, from the river bed to the truck of the main mast – if it needs attention it can be done here at Kingston Wharf – if you want us to do it, then it can be done at Kingston Wharf – and if you want to do it yourself, it can be done at Kingston Wharf.

“I hope that in the coming season Kingston Wharf can be the key to your project and I hope that you will tell everyone about us!

“Please give us a call on 01983 293952 with any queries you may have about our Boatyard and Marine Services and we look forward to seeing you soon at Kingston Wharf.”