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News - 23/02/16

M2M weather data from the Solent

Solent yachtsmen will be familiar with the live weather reports from Bramblemet, and now there is another free real-time weather service from the Calshot Spit Light Float.

The highly accurate real-time weather data comes from the ABP Southampton managed Calshot Spit Light Float in the Solent, which integrates Rock Seven’s RockFLEET vessel tracking and communications system with Gill instruments. Aids to navigation supplier Hydrosphere has supported the project, providing installation and maintenance for the weather station.

This freely available weather data will complement the data already available in the wider Solent area. The format is easily accessible via desktop computer as well as on smartphones and tablets. Detailed weather information and trends will be very beneficial to both commercial and leisure users.

The RockFLEET system uses the Iridium satellite network, specifically the low-cost Short Burst Data service, to deliver weather data from Calshot Spit. RockFLEET is designed to provide global vessel tracking and M2M data communication from anywhere in the world. It works where GSM signal is not available, and thus can be relied on for 100% global coverage.

“Adding tracking and M2M satcom capabilities to buoys and floats is a simple process with the RockFLEET system, as demonstrated through development of the Calshot Spit Light Float weather station, which is now delivering accurate real-time data 24/7,” said Nick Farrell, Director, Rock Seven.

Visit the CHC website to view the Calshot Spit Weather Data in our Weather and Tides section.