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News - 20/04/14

Modified – Proposed Town Quay developments

Cowes Harbour Commission would like to bring to your attention the modified proposal, this has been designed after considering comments raised following the original consultation. 

The orginal consultation included the wider public and the Cowes Harbour Advisory Commitee. 

The main changes from the original proposal are as follows: 

– The removal of the small pontoon extension to improve access to the existing scrubing berth. 
– The removal of the proposed north/south finger pontoon connected to the Jubilee pontoon. 
– The modification of the dredge line so as not to undermine the old Town Quay walls. 

This will be the final consultation prior to considering a formal planning application.

Project overview
The Commissioner’s recognised the increasing year-on-year demand for moorings close to the retail and leisure facilities in the town centre, especially for visiting RIBs. Although it is envisaged that the new moorings will not produce a commercial return on investment, they will improve the quality of visitor-experience in Cowes and have a positive impact on the local economy.

It is intended that the existing scrubbing berth will be maintained in its current position.

Your views are most welcome
Cowes Harbour Commission feel it is important to receive feedback on its proposed enhancement of the Town Quay from the widest audience of harbour users and stakeholders.

Your views and comments are both welcome and valued, please submit in writing by 13th April 2012 either by email to chc@cowes.co.uk or by writing to the Harbour Master.

View and download the latest plan for the proposed Town Quay development.