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News - 30/05/17

New Boat Museum opens soon and call for volunteers

The new Classic Boat Museum at Medina Yard in Cowes, next to the Hammerhead Crane, is due to open later this summer and a special exhibition is being prepared now that work on the building is reaching completion. More information will be available soon on a new website to be launched in June. 

Meanwhile, the Classic Boat Museum Gallery is still located at the Columbine building (the Union Jack shed!) in East Cowes, and is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10.00 – 16.00 and on Thursdays from 10.00 – 13.00. 

The Gallery’s collection has grown significantly since the Museum’s inception 20 years ago and is really worth a visit if you are in Cowes or on the Island. Visitors are often astonished by the scope and variety of collections on display and the extensive library. 

The Museum is currently seeking volunteers for both the Gallery in East Cowes and the new Boat Museum in Cowes. If you are interested in the history of boatbuilding, of yachting and of the Medina River’s shipbuilding history, then the Classic Boat Museum is a great place to become involved with and to learn about the Island’s rich maritime heritage. Did you know, that the oldest recorded boatbuilding site in the world is on the Island and is over 8,000 years old?

To find out more about the Classic Boat Museum and Gallery, or to become a volunteer, please get in touch with The Classic Boat Centre Trust by telephone on 01983 244101, by email to info@maritimeisle.org, or visit the website: classicboatmuseum.org. A great team of enthusiasts looks forward to welcoming you to become part of their group!

Photo © Hamo Thornycroft Marine Photography