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News - 22/03/16

New Green Guide on how to install a holding tank

If you have ever considered retrofitting a holding tank, but were unsure of where to start, take a look at a new guide from The Green Blue.

The Green Guide to Holding Tank Installation’ provides advice on the most common questions you might be struggling with, such as the best construction material to choose as well as how to position the tank. 

The guide was developed as part of the ‘Love Where You Sail initiative’ – a joint awareness raising project between The Green Blue, the Environment Agency and a number of harbours and marinas in the Solent area to promote responsible boat discharge of blackwater.

‘Love Where You Sail’ has promoted the range of disposal options available to boaters, from only emptying the heads when as far offshore as possible to using a holding tank and emptying at a pump out facility, such as the one at Shepards Wharf Marina in Cowes. Surveys have shown however that many boats do not have holdings tanks but do have the space to fit one and interest is growing in this area.