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News - 11/08/14

Pump out for free at Shepards Wharf Marina

Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) would like to encourage all harbour users and visiting yachtsmen to Cowes to make use of Shepards Wharf Marina’s pump out facility for boats, which is available and free to use all year round. 

Love Where You SailThe pump out berth, for use by any boat, is located on the south pontoon at Shepards Wharf Marina in Cowes. You can call the marina on VHF Channel 80 and the Berthing Master will be glad to help you. CHC levies no charges for the holding tank pump out in order to encourage more sailors and boaters to use the facility. 

The water quality of Cowes Harbour and Medina Estuary is extremely important to the Commission and CHC is working in partnership with the Isle of Wight Estuaries Project, Environment Agency, RYA and The Green Blue Project to encourage boaters to dispose of blackwater responsibly. CHC offers free holding tank pump out facilities all year round as part of their long-term commitment to sustainability and to support The Green Blue’s ‘Love Where You Sail’ promotion, launched last year with the Environment Agency.

Blackwater discharge from boats is not a significant issue if the heads or holding tanks are emptied at least three miles offshore, but in high concentrations or in confined areas such as the River Medina and the Solent, it can lead to problems with water quality, including high levels of faecal coliforms that can cause gastroenteritis.

One flush from a boat contains the same amount of bacteria as 250,000 flushes through the sewage treatment process! If you have a holding tank, please use a pump out facility, and use onshore toilets when berthed. Otherwise, flush as far offshore as possible.

Be aware – don’t spoil our environment – use the brilliant, free pump out facility at Shepards Wharf Marina!

Love Where You Sail - find your nearest pump out

To learn more about sustainable boating visiting, visit www.thegreenblue.org.uk.

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