4.11 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

News - 11/05/21

Safety tips – Accidents, incidents, and anti-social behaviour

What to do if you’re involved in or witness an accident 
If you find yourself involved in or witnessing any type of marine accident or incident within Cowes Harbour and its approaches, you must report it to CHC as soon as possible.

There’s a new, quick, and easy way to submit incident reports in Cowes Harbour, just go to:
cowesharbourcommission.co.uk/incident and fill in the online incident form.

Our incident reporting system allows for the comprehensive recording of incidents, with geographical representation and vessel playback through integration with AIS data.

What to do if you witness anti-social behaviour on the water
If you see anti-social behaviour taking place in the marine environment, please report it online to the Hampshire Constabulary.

In 2020, Hampshire Constabulary launched ‘Operation Wavebreaker’ and it has recently been announced the project will continue for 2021. Operation Wavebreaker will address all types of anti-social behaviour on the water from small craft being used dangerously to groups of people swimming in prohibited areas causing a nuisance. If the lives of our marine community are being negatively affected by others acting in an anti-social or dangerous manner, the Hampshire Marine Unit want to know, and they will take positive action.

You can now help by reporting any anti-social behaviour through the Hampshire Constabulary website: Report anti-social behaviour.