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News - 23/02/16

Sail into spring – Solent racing marks out now!

The 2016 Solent race marks have now been published by the Solent Cruising and Racing Association (SCRA).

The SCRA publishes an annual list of some 150 of the main racing marks in the Solent area. The whole area has been divided into nine zones and each buoy within a zone has a letter or number to identify it. The unique designation for each mark is made up of the zone number plus the buoy letter or number.

The Solent mark codes list is published afresh each February, with changes for the year ahead. The designated code for each mark does not alter, even if the name changes or if (occasionally) a buoy is moved slightly. This removes the need for extensive annual re-programming of GPS units, and the inadvertent use of last year’s list will usually still allow boats to go to the intended mark! Any new marks are given a code at the end of their zone. The list is published in zones, as well as an alphabetical version so that a known buoy name can be located.

View the CHC website Solent Racing Marks section to download PDF files showing the changes for 2016, the marks arranged in zones, and marks arranged alphabetically.

Photo: The Kingston Marine Services team laying race marks for the 2016 season.