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News - 27/02/18

Success for apprentice Sam at Shepards

Twenty-two-year-old Sam Saunders was selected in November 2016 as the first Apprentice Port Operative at Shepards Wharf Marina. He said: “After trying a few different jobs, I was fortunate enough to be offered an apprenticeship at Shepards in Cowes. This was an exciting job prospect for me as I was new to the industry. 

“I have learnt about the roles and responsibilities of becoming a Port Operative, working as a team member, building good relationships and enhancing team spirit. I have also learnt how to handle different situations as an individual. In the summer periods, due to the high influx of customers, I gained a lot of experience from interacting with customers and dealing with high-pressure situations.

“As a young person looking to get into the marine industry, I believe this is a good start for someone beginning their career, especially for anyone who enjoys being outdoors and working with boats. Going through this apprenticeship scheme will help you to gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

“I plan to utilise the qualifications I’ve gained to further my career within the marine industry. From talking to customers and colleagues, I have been inspired to pursue a career working on Superyachts around the world. I have fortunately been able to receive funding from the Royal Yacht Squadron Foundation so that, when I leave Shepards, I am able to complete the Superyacht Deckhand course with Flying Fish before hopefully flying out to begin life in this new profession!”

Find out all about the new Marine Operative Apprenticeship now open for applications at Cowes Harbour Commission.