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News - 24/09/14

The Shackleton Epic Expedition at Cowes Literary Festival

The awe inspiring story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s perilous journey across land and sea is well known as one of the greatest feats of leadership, courage and survival. Shackleton and his small crew navigated the 22.5 foot James Caird from Elephant Island through the immense waves of the Southern Ocean before scaling the icy mountains of South Georgia to find help for the crew of the Endurance.

Re-enacting that incredible journey using authentic equipment seems an impossible task but in 2013 the explorer Tim Jarvis AM led an expedition called ‘Shackleton Epic’, which was the first to complete that challenge. To cross the Southern Ocean a replica of the James Caird was built at the International Boatbuilding College at Lowestoft. She was launched in 2012 and named Alexandra Shackleton after Shackleton’s granddaughter, the instigator and patron of the expedition.

Tim Jarvis AM is a veteran of multiple polar expeditions but believes this was the most challenging expedition of his life. He will be speaking at the Cowes Literary Festival on 18th October and recreating this extraordinary adventure. Tim also intends to sell off some of the remaining expedition equipment whilst he is here; for more details please contact CHC Estuaries Officer Sue Hawley at the Harbour Office (01983 293952).

For more information about the expedition visit www.shackletonepic.com.

Photo: Alexandra Shackleton departs Elephant Island on the start of the 800nm journey across the southern ocean to King George Island. Credit – Jo Stewart / Shackleton Epic