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News - 13/04/17

Works and Dredge licence application – Victoria Quay marina development

A works and dredge licence application for the construction of the Victoria Quay marina development at East Cowes, has been received by Cowes Harbour Commission. We are required to publicise the application and associated drawings. All information is available at the Cowes Harbour Office. 

This application, submitted to Cowes Harbour Commission by Victoria Quay Estates Ltd (VQEL), seeks to secure a works and a dredge licence in order to complete construction and associated dredging works for the proposed Victoria Quay marina within the area inside (to the southwest) of the Shrape Breakwater.

Victoria Quay marina overview

The new marina has been designed to accommodate approximately 300 vessels as shown on drawing CNM.UK.EC.LG.11 and incorporates a public landing as shown on drawing CNM.UK.EC.LPL.11.

This application comes as minor revision to the original licence (W02/2013) granted in July 2013, as part of the larger Cowes Outer Harbour Project. Full details are available at the Harbour Office.

In order to provide the required depths for the marina and the approaches, a capital dredging programme will be undertaken before the construction phase. The proposed footprint and depths can be seen on drawing MP243-00-P-Sk15. A Cowes Harbour ‘Local Notice to Mariners’ containing further details will be issued in advance of the programme, should the works and dredge licence be granted.

Further information and all proposed design drawings are available on request from the Cowes Harbour Office.

This application is open for consultation until 11th May 2017. Any comments must be submitted before this date to the Harbour Master. These can be submitted in writing to the Harbour Office, Town Quay, Cowes, PO31 7AS. Emails should be submitted to chc@cowes.co.uk