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Marine Safety
Management Plan

Cowes Harbour limits start from the Prince Consort north cardinal buoy in the outer harbour and extends south down the River Medina to the Folly. Our mission is to ensure that the harbour is a safe place for leisure and work. CHC complies with national legislation, in particular that concerning Health and Safety. His Majesty’s Government expects that CHC will comply with the Department for Transport’s ‘Port Marine Safety Code’ and the associated ‘Guide to Good Practice on Port Marine Operations’.

The Marine Safety Management Plan encapsulates the key elements of CHC’s Safety Management System. A more comprehensive overview of the structure, management and maintenance of the harbour’s Safety Management System (SMS) and CHC’s compliance with the PMSC in support of this plan is contained within the SMS manual held at the Harbour Office. The aim of this plan is to provide detail about the management measures in place and to set measurable performance targets.

The Code requires the development and maintenance of appropriate policies, plans and procedures. All of CHC’s policies, plans and procedures are based upon formal risk assessment in order that risks are eliminated or reduced to a level that is ‘as low as reasonably practical’ (ALARP).

Cowes Harbour Marine Safety Management Plan

Cowes Harbour Marine Safety Management Plan