3.19 m VHF: Channel 69 Report an Incident

LNTM - 02/01/24

Local Notice to Mariners No. 01 of 2024

Current Notice to Mariners in force

A comprehensive list of all active Cowes Harbour Commission LNTMs is provided below:

12/20Revised set of General Directions in force
29/20Eastern Channel
05/21Shrape Watersports Area
08/21Tidal Flows in Cowes Harbour
10/21Vessel Movements in Restricted Visibility within Cowes Harbour
02/22Reporting of Damage, Incidents and Potential Risk
03/22Pilot Boarding Arrangements Compliance
05/22Speed Limit and Wash in Cowes
06/22Essential Safety Information
07/22Use of CCTV and Video Images for Safety and Security
08/22Cowes Chain Ferry – Safety Advice
09/22Diving At Work Regulations 1997 and Commercial Operations Involving ‘Swimmers’
13/22Trial Mooring Buoy – Shrape Mud
20/22UK Sanctions Against Russian Connected Vessels
37(T)/22Partially Submerged Obstruction – RYS Haven
64/22Training Pontoon – New Position
65/22Disposing of Unwanted Marine Flares
02/23Safety of Navigation within Cowes Harbour
03/23Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regulations 2016
04/23Reports of Oil Pollution in Cowes Harbour
05/23The Merchant Shipping (Reporting Requirements for Ships Carrying Dangerous or Polluting Goods) Regulations 1999 (As amended)
06/23Prevention of Pollution and Reception Facilities for Ship Generated Waste
07/23Navigation in the Approaches to Cowes: Port of Southampton – Precautionary Area
08/23Passenger Carrying Pleasure Vessels and Vessels Operating Within the Port
09/23High Speed Passenger Vessels to Display Identification Lights
10/23VHF Radio Communications within Cowes Harbour
11/23Marking of Fishing Gear Within Cowes Harbour Limits
12/23UK Entry & Exit Formalities for Recreational Craft

This local notice to mariners will self-cancel on 31 December 2024.

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